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Community Mondays begin in January from 2-4PM

Once again we are planning a weekly gathering at the library on Monday afternoons for folks who would like a little community during the short and quiet days of winter. Each Monday, beginning in January from 2-4, you are welcome to join us upstairs in the adult reading room. Bring your knitting, your sewing, your crocheting, any other handicrafts, or just yourself for a few hours of conversation. All are welcome. 

Steven Kellogg books available for purchase

We would like to send a big thank you to Steven Kellogg for the wonderful program he presented at the library on Christmas In Essex Day. The room was packed and everyone enjoyed the stories Steven shared. He brought books to distribute during the program, and he has kindly donated books which may be  purchased,  with all proceeds going to the library.  He is truly a friend of the Belden Noble library!