Museum Passes

Did you know the Belden Noble Library has museum passes you can borrow? The passes are available to valid card holders only and must be picked up at the library – they cannot be sent via inter-library loan. 

WILD CENTER – with your library card, you may check out a pass to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. The pass includes free admission for 2 adults and their dependent children. The pass circulates for 4 days.

ECHO – with your library card, you may borrow a pass or the ECHO Leahy Center in Burlington Vermont. The pass allows up to 4 people to visit the library for $7.00 per person.

TICONDEROGA MUSEUM – This pass allows 10% off general admission to Fort Ticonderoga for up to 4 people.

For more information about these passes, please call the library at  (518) 963-8079, or e-mail us at

2759 Essex Rd. PO Box 339 Essex, New York, 12936 Tel. and fax (518) 963-8079 E-mail –