Computer Use Policy

We are pleased to offer the use of public computers and and our WiFi connection to any member of the public, under these conditions:

    1. Users fill out our public computer usage sheet located near the public computers or the WiFi usage sheet located on the table in the front of the main room.
    2. Users limit their time on public computers to 30 minutes if another patron is waiting.
    3. Users may not access sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate material.
    4. Users must observe U.S. copyright laws; consequences of infringement lie with the user.
    5. Users are responsible for logging out of their personal accounts; consequences of failing to log out lie with the user.
    6. Users must use their own headphones when listening to audio content or ask permission to listen at low volume.
    7. Users should not modify software settings or the desktop arrangement of public computers.


  1. Children’s computer usage should be monitored by a parent or guardian

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