Get To Know Your Neighbors – September 5 at 7pm: Lawson and Clint Allen

Lawson’s roots in Essex go back to 1903 when her paternal grandmother first rented a house at the Crater Club and then bought John Burnham’s Camp in 1913. She is a clinical social worker who worked at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and as a school counselor. She is currently a gallery instructor to school groups at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Clint is a serial entrepreneur. He grew up in Brockton, Mass. (a “shoe town”), went to Harvard on full scholarship, and then to Wall Street. He has built and run many businesses from writing books while in college to his current position as founder and president of the American College of Corporate Directors.
They will discuss these and additional experiences at the event.

Belden Noble Memorial Library
Essex, NY

Thursday, September 5 at 7:00 p.m.

Support the library with your donation:
$5.00 donation (children free)