Traveling Lantern Theatre Company Virtual Performance for Children AND AREA RESIDENTS

Clinton, Essex, Franklin Library System (CEFLS) received funding from the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts to provide the Traveling Lantern Theatre Show “Legends and Myths from Mount Olympus” at twelve library locations this year. However, due to the COVID-19 issues, the theater company will only be providing it virtually.


From their protected perch on Mount Olympus, the gods of ancient Greece spin their magic and subterfuge into fantastic landscapes while they conjure cunning exploits for the humans they choose to meddle with far below.  Whimsical and daring adventures from the ancient civilization by the sea.   Children become the mountains and the wind as they watch Icarus and Daedalus fly free on wax wings, help tell the story as they witness Ceyx and Alcyone’s love morph into fantasy so they can stay together for all time, and stave off evil with bravery and courage as Perseus battles the snake-headed Medusa and ultimately turns her into stone.

Virtual Show Code

Belden Noble Memorial Library has a unique code to offer the show to area residents and even school personnel.  Our code will make the show available for one week (Sunday July 19 at 5pm (Pacific Time) through Saturday July 25). We invite you to contact our library for the code by calling 518-963-8079 during open hours or e-mail or fill out the form at and choose “Essex Belden Noble Library” to receive the code. Then go to and click on the virtual performances link; then click on Greek video and input the code and enjoy the show.

Medusa Mask Kits Available

The grant also enabled CEFLS to provide BNML with art materials for children to create a Medusa mask. We invite you to contact our library for the mask kit by calling 518-963-8079 during open hours or e-mail